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An evening at the theater gone bad 

An SCI quadriplegic man who I've known for many years has done okay with old LP4 vents on his wheelchair. He decided it was time to upgrade, and got the LTV 800. They went to New York City for dinner and a show. They were not completely familiar with the battery limitations of the LTV ventilators. After five minutes in the show, the low voltage alarm sounded. They had to leave immediately, and do some hustling to keep him ventilated.

This is not a condemnation of the LTV ventilator series. It takes more 12VDC current to operate high speed turbine motors than the older piston pump type units such as LP10, PLV-100 and PLV-102. The high performance ventilation standards of the LTVs speak well for these units.

What would help is a quick and easy battery switch-out cartridge that is dropped into place with no tools. It would have briefcase shape with a handle. An evening at the theater would be much better this way.

Jerry, Vancouver, Washington (jerrypd2000@aol.com, 360-883-4857)

Sip and Puff

See a video demonstrating how sip and puff works on this website at http://www.makoa.org/jim. It was taken for a Korean TV science and technology program and is not the best quality and the language is Korean, but is great for showing this technique used for operating a wheelchair and other devices.

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