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"Networking links people who share common needs or common goals. Networking is a support system. It is a method of self-organizing. It is the structure of a social movement. Most of all, it is a method by which people get things done."
Gini Laurie, PHI Founder and early leader in the independent living movement

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Resource Directory
for Ventilator-Assisted Living 2019
(updated 3-3-19)

The world's premiere resource for linking to experts in home mechanical ventilation.

Listings include:

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Judith Fischer and Joan Headley accept the Award.

IVUN's Pfrommer Award and Lecture

October 28, 2014, CHEST, Austin, Texas
Judith R. Fischer, MSLS, and Joan L. Headley, MS
International Ventilator Users Network (IVUN)

Ventilator-Assisted Community Calendar
Meetings and conferences for users of home mechanical ventilation, polio survivors and health professionals.

IVUN Membership Memos

IVUN's Ventilatory Equipment Exchange
People who want to donate ventilatory equipment and aids can advertise their offerings. People who need older equipment can view what is available and make arrangements for the equipment exchange and/or submit their equipment needs.

What Works for Me
Shared peer advice about living successfully as a ventilator user.

People We Know
News about people who have made significant contributions to the disability community.

IVUN/PHI's Conferences
Information about past and upcoming conferences.

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