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Published since 1987, IVUN's bi-monthly newsletter
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 Articles include such topics as family adjustments, equipment and techniques, medical issues, travel and ethical issues and are stored on ventnews.org.

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Home Ventilator Guide
cover of Home Ventilator Guide(updated 8-10-17)

IVUN's comprehensive resource displays technical information about the world's home ventilators in charts that are easy to read and makes comparing home ventilators more convenient. It features bilevel positive airway pressure ventilators, volume-cycled ventilators, pressure support ventilators, and combination or multi-mode ventilators.

The Home Ventilator Guide was made possible by a bequest from ventilator user Ira Holland. The guide also contains quotes from consumers about some of the ventilators, in acknowledgement of Ira's life-long commitment to advocacy on behalf of his fellow ventilator users to help improve ventilator technology. Members without Internet access may request a copy from IVUN by calling 314-534-0475.

Home Mechanical Ventilation: The Basics

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