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Where can I find information about using a trach?
Longtime trach users Tony and Larry explained their experiences in a 2005 Ventilator-Assisted Living. Check out Care of a Tracheostomy (UNEDITED VERSION). Linda, a more recent user of trach positive pressure ventilation, wrote a comprehensive exploration of trach use and the issues related to living at home on a trach in “Exploring the Option of a Trach.”

Where can I find information about frog breathing?
Lung Volume Recruitment (LVG) and glossopharyngeal breathing (GPB)

Where can I find information about mouthpiece ventilation?
Check out the following article.
Look here for circuit parts and details.

Where can I find a facility (beyond the hospital) that will accept a person on a ventilator?
IVUN maintains Resource Directory for Ventilator-Assisted Living that features a section that lists Facilities with Long-Term Ventilator Units. Many of the facilities listed specialize in weaning individuals off of a ventilator or in preparing ventilator users to go back to their home.

Where can I find information to assist me in flying with my ventilator?

Links to Accessibility/Medical Policies of the Airlines

Sample airline stickersLinks to Governmental Policies and Resources

Manufacturers' Certification Letters:
Look for the sticker first.

Click here to submit your Travel Problems and Solutions

Articles About Flying by Ventilator Users
(post-September 11, 2001)

Where can I find the regulations for traveling with a disability post-September 11th?
The following website from the US Transportation Security Administration is for travelers Click on "Travelers with Disabilities and Medical Conditions" to find specific regulations.

Where can I find coding information for portable ventilators and respiratory assist devices?
Puritan Bennett has two excellent documents on their website that explains coding, etc.
The company site also has a Solvit Center that is very helpful.

Philips Respironics also has an informative page "Helpful Hints for Filing Claims."

ResMed’s site features information about Reimbursement for its products.

Where can I find examples of respiratory homecare programs?
There are many programs listed in the “Health Professionals” section of IVUN's Resource Directory for Ventilator-Assisted Living. Also, check the link below: (If we should add your program, let us know.)

British Columbia Provincial Respiratory Outreach Program


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