Frequently Asked Questions


How do I connect with other ventilator users?
1. You can join an online chat group (See Resource Directory for Ventilator-Assisted Living.)
2. You can peruse and ask a question on Can You Help?
3. You can peruse and offer a suggestion on What Works for Me

How do I find someone who could make use of a ventilator(s) that we own, but can no longer use?
IVUN's Ventilatory Equipment Exchange is a location on IVUN’s site where individuals can “advertise” the availability of equipment. Please send the description of the equipment and how people can contact you to IVUN will let you know when it is posted and asks that you let us know when it is no longer available.

How do I find out if my breathing and sleep problems are related to my prior polio?  I have breathing problems due to a neuromuscular condition. What tests should I have done?
International Ventilator Users Network published “Breathing and Sleep Problems in Polio Survivors” and “Tests for Breathing Problems If You Have a Neuromuscular Condition.” The first article is a broad summary of the problems; the second article describes a routine evaluation of respiratory function and lists select medical articles for ALS, cough, Duchenne muscular dystrophy and the late effects of polio.

Videos from the Breathing & Sleep Symposium 2009 and Breathing & Sleep Symposium 2010 hosted by the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, La Jolla, California.

Where can I find general information about post-surgery respiratory muscle problems for my physician and anesthesiologist?
The journal, Anesthesiology, published a Review Article – Postoperative Respiratory Muscle Dysfunction: Pathophysiology and Preventive Strategies and an Editorial – Postoperative Respiratory Muscle Dysfunction: Only the Strong Survive in its April 2013 issue. 

Where can I find out information about the service status of the CareFusion LTV vents?
CareFusion announced in August 2011 that they would no longer manufacturer the LTV 800®, LTV 900® and the LTV 950®. The end of support for the 800 and 900 is 10/31/2016 and the suggested replacement is the LTV 1100. The 950 date is 12/31/16. The suggested replacement vent is the LTV 1150.

Where can I find out information about the status of the old LIFECARE PLV-100 and its variations, and the NEV-100?
Connect here for PLVs ... and here for NEVs.

What is the status of service support for the Achieva by Covidien RMS? The Smartair and Supportair devices?
The Achieva will be serviced and supported until September 2015. The Smartair and Supportair devices will be serviced until May 2015. Covidien RMS reports they are transitioning customers to the Puritan Bennett® 560 and HT70®.

Where can I find resources for people with COPD?
If you use a ventilator due to COPD and want to speak with a person, contact the COPD Information Line at 866-316-2673.Excellent sites include the COPD Foundation, COPD International, The ARDS Foundation (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome), Healthline COPD and the Acute Long Term Hospital Association (ALTHA).

Where can I find basic information about living with a ventilator at home?
IVUN’s 14-page booklet Information About Ventilator-Assisted Living is in a Q and A format and provides answers for individuals with a neuromuscular condition that may necessitate part time or fulltime use of a breathing device.

Where can I find information/statements from professionals about home/domiciliary care for individuals living at home on a ventilator?

Where can I find health professionals who are expert in home mechanical ventilation?
IVUN maintains Resource Directory for Ventilator-Assisted Living that lists Health Professionals from all over the world. It also lists Facilities with Long-Term Ventilator Units, Ventilator Equipment and Aids, Manufacturers of Ventilator Equipment and Aids, and Organizations, Associations and Foundations.

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